GOLD MEDAL with the congratulations of the jury, E.B.N. Prize for European innovation and Prize of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce at the Geneva International Invention Fair 2011

GOLD MEDAL and Honorary Prize at the INST International Exhibition 2011 in TAIPEI (TAIWAN)

INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property) Prize at the Lépine 2011 Competition

PUBLIC Prize at MOUG’INOV 2012

Vaucluse Chamber of Crafts Prize at INVENTECH 2010

European Grand Prize Leonardo da Vinci of the Champagne Ardenne region

ARTINOV Prize from the Haute Savoie Chamber of Trades and Crafts

Finalist M6 the inventor 2012

Crazy Goat is the only authentic “goat” marketed in the world.

Crazy Goat

Natural alcoholic cocktail with fruit juice
The only authentic “Chèvre” in reusable bottle!

Discover the world’s friendliest alcohol

Discover alcohol the “Chèvre”
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