The concept

Once upon a time in the French Alpes…

A tradition a few times per century…

A secret drink that you have most likely never tasted…

A fermented fruit juice

naturally under a pressure of 22 atmospheres

La Chèvre  !

(Translate as The Goat!)


Under this fooling name hides an incredible molecular drink, entirely natural,that is the nicest and most taxed alcohol in France*!

*  The right of excise of the Authentic Goat is 14 times higher of that of Rhum or 500 times higher than Cider


So for these curious minds…

  • We lock our fruit juice in an armoured barrel with a secret recipe.
  • We leave to ferment naturally which transforms the juice into foam which we then drink!
  • We call this drink” la Chèvre”


Barrels chèvre

Organic apple juice + Ancestral recipe +Natural fermentation= CHEVRE


The danger of these barrels is they were at risk of exploding  causing serious damage which made the distribution and commercialisation of this drink not allowed.


However since 2009, an invention revolutionises this practice

crazy goat the authentic chèvre

Crazy goat and its patented recipient, commercialise authentic Chèvre, elaborated in the purest respect of the tradition, and permits you to (re)discover and make, by your own means, this mythical drink in the best possible conditions.

Recompensed by the most prestigious awards in the largest international salons of the invention.

Crazy goat is the only authentic Chèvre sold in the world !!!!


                                                  Imitated but never equaled!




The interest of drinking natural fermented foam, is that there is a lot!

Up to 8 litres in one Crazy Goat!!!


The second interest of drinking the foam , is that the foam is absolutely delicious! The lincreased surface area of the taste buds exalts the flavour and you get to taste a completely natural molecular drink.


And the third point of drinking this fermented foam, is that it’s also the most festive and adored alcohol in the world!      


Indeed, the human body has the magnificent ability to absorb the slight amount of alcohol (only 4-6%) like the taste! …Through the mucous!

Which jumps straight to the brain… with the violence of a falcon descending on a rabbit !

Two champagne glasses later, you’re enjoy !!!*
* Sensation of fast intoxication, the brain is tricked for a couple of minutes !

2 minutes later, only a long aromatic aftertaste stays in your mouth and furthermore, helps you digest your meal.

Crazy Goat is an excellent after dinner drink that won’t hurt your liver or your purse or your driving license !

you can get in your car and drive safely, having only drunk the equivalent of a thimbleful of beer.

Who drinks moonshine crashes the car

Crazy Goat and fruit juice is the maximum of pleasure for a minimum of alcohol.         



The patented bottle, which can be reused, is linked to a long search for
perfection to create the perfect result, in the shape of the Crazy Recharge.
You will be able to make* very simply and safely, the authentic « Chèvre »**
and sample up to 8 liters*** of party foam, with amazing taste and that can be kept
for up to three years.

*  Complies with legal requirements and this product cannot be resold commercially.

** Naturally fermented under high pressure in a reinforced barel and not artificialy pressurised in a disposable aerosol.

***  8 liters of foam = 5 magnums = 10 X 75cl bottles = 100 sherry glasses = 70 champagne flutes = 200 shooters = 250-300 squirts.


One more thing:

After a few crazy parties, the confirmed « Crazy Goater » will no longer use a glass but squirt foam with precision and speed into the open mouths of his guests ( from 20 cm )


Crazy PartyUnlimited Cocktail



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