To become an outstanding goatherd!

Some try to persuade you that this French Alps secret drink called “The Goat” is a foaming cocktail that is manufactured disposable aerosol, major gas injection reinforcements (nitrous oxide N2O), of preservatives and other antioxidants in liquid exceeding 12% vol alcohol for tax reasons or worse, no alcohol at all!

They deceive you!

crazy goat the authentic chèvreIf these products are not without marketing interests of their very comfortable margins of retailers, they are far from standing to claim the name “Goat” that will be, one day, hopefully protected.

3 products are found on the planet, but only Crazy Goat offers the “authentic goat” naturally brewed under 22 bar pressure to enjoy this generous foam , incredibly intoxicating and incredibly taxed drink, despite its 5 small degrees of alcohol. (See home page)

Do you know?

Authentic Goat is alcohol the most taxed in France about 14 times more than the rum or 500 times more than the cider!


crazy goat home madeThe natural fermentation of fruit juice make approximately 4% alcohol and personnal alcohol is just added to give more flavor.

Too much alcohol kills the foam which will settle too quickly.

Alcohol may be used but also honey, jam, a roll réglise tagada or some candy.

For measuring convenience, use the cap which is clipped onto the top of the Goat.

It measures 2 cl easily.

Do not exceed 3 caps of alcohol at 40 % or 2 caps / 55 %(and 6 / 20 %)

With too much added alcohol, you risk incomplete fermentation and you will serve as vaguely sparkling liquid at the end of the bottle.

At the extreme, the fermentation will not take place, the alcohol having sterilized yeast before it will work.


The fermentation temperature is important.

28-30 ° C are ideal for beautiful fine foam and preserve a good fruity flavor.

Fermentation at ambient temperature of 20 ° C provide a coarser foam falling quickly.

Using a little part of pineapple juice, mango or banana (1/3) in addition to an apple juice improves texture and shelf life to the foam (20 seconds)

In this case, the initial purge will be longer because there are more deposit in these juices.

3 strawberries tagada jelly added in the bottle before fermentation will provide a further improved foam texture and a holding of about 30 seconds instead of 10 seconds usually observed (using apple juice).

For a downright tasting spoon, and in order to propose an original dessert, it is possible to obtain a very compact and consistent foam, (life of 5 minutes and more) by adding the Haribo candy recipe containing gelatin.

2 Haribo crocodiles jelly added and it becomes difficult to drink by the glass. With 4 crocodiles (about 30 grams of jelly candy), one leaves spoon!

And for those that bother Haribo taste, 2 grams of powdered gelatin added to the recipe will have the same effect as 30 grams of crocodile, no artificial flavors!

Ideal with icecream !


Always carry out the fermentation in a horizontal position.

Fermentation at a constant temperature of 30 ° for 7 days minimum, will immediately produce a beautifully textured foam and a fruity flavor.

A Goat placed 10 days on a computer or on Internet router will provide an almost ideal temperature for fermentation (27/28 ° C).

The rear face of a refrigerator, top of the TV, the top of a boiler, hot water tank or aquarium will also provide a good fermentation temperature.

Fermentation at 20 ° C is possible, but it will take longer (3-5 weeks).

The foam obtained is coarser (larger bubbles) and settles faster.

The use of citrus juice (orange, grapefruit, pineapple) will give the foam a long life.

It is of course possible to put his Goat in a plastic bag to prevent leakage if you are afraid of not having enough tight.

With some little practice, you can easily know when fermentation is complete. Vigorously shaking your Goat up and down, a jolt every 2 seconds.

Indeed, with 75 cl of filling, very well perceive the liquid congeal inside as and shock measurement and over the progress of fermentation.

When your Goat is ready, a single strong shock instantly freezes the content and nothing moves in after shaking.


Before serving, place in a cool place (ideally between -4 and +4 ° C)

The cold gives texture and a long life to the foam.

For the first serving, an initial purge (1, 2 or 3 flutes, maximum opening of the tap) will evacuate the deposit that forms during fermentation and disrupts the foam distribution.

After the purge has been carried out, wait 10 minutes and you’ll get a much better foam.

If you use a cloudy organic fruit juice it will produce more deposit than using a clear juice.


After a few drinks, and storing at room temperature will allow the resumption of fermentation and your Goat will develop full-bodied flavors.

Cool storage (below 4 ° C) will retain a sweet and fruity flavor.

Before storage, close the tap properly.

The shelf life is more than three years for the fermented product.